Rubber Division, ACS Enhance Educational Outreach Programme

22 Sep 2020

Rubber Division, ACS plans to enhance its international educational outreach programme for students

Hertford, UK, September 2020 – Rubber Division, ACS has announced that it is expanding its international educational outreach programme for students.

The strategy to drive student engagement and spread and accelerate innovation among the next generation of rubber industry professionals worldwide will be spearheaded by Rubber Division, ACS European Representative, UK-based Rubber Heart Ltd in collaboration with its Membership & Outreach Director Heather Maimone.

The key ambition of the initiative is to bring more young scientists from all backgrounds at undergraduate and graduate level studying any aspect of elastomer chemistry, technology and engineering to the Rubber Division, ACS community by increasing student membership and participation in its Student Chapter programme.

Rubber Division, ACS already offers the most comprehensive training and educational programme for the rubber industry in the world and quickly reacted to the challenges of moving all courses and webinars onto a digital platform, opening up participation to a whole new audience outside of the US. To date, more than 1000 participants have taken advantage of this ambitious programme in 2020.

In an effort to support students during the challenging times the pandemic has presented, Rubber Division, ACS Student Members have particularly benefitted with access to all training courses and webinars for no fee, participation included with the annual membership fee of $25. The organisation plans to make this a membership benefit for Undergraduate Student Members.

With the announcement that the Rubber Division, ACS International Elastomer Conference 2020 (IEC, 19th – 23rd October) is to be a virtual event (registration is now open at, Student Members who would have never had the opportunity to attend this key global rubber industry conference in person are now being offered free registration to the whole experience and can hear about topics relevant to the industry. This includes the Technical Programme, Educational Symposium and Student Colloquium where presentations and courses will be offered as a Live and On Demand combination with all registrants having access to the virtual platform until 20th January 2021.

The Rubber Division, ACS Student Chapter programme is another way in which students can benefit from the learning and networking opportunities but with added significant financial support and scholarship opportunities. The programme is open to all universities and colleges throughout the world with the opportunity for smaller faculties to partner together for country or larger regional Student Chapters.

To set up, each Student Chapter needs a faculty advisor and a minimum of six student members and benefits include complimentary Student Membership, registration to the technical meetings at the Rubber Division, ACS Spring Meeting and IEC and opportunities for networking and career development.

There is a very visible proven track record that the skills students develop from taking advantage of early engagement with Rubber Division, ACS during their studies can be particularly beneficial for their future careers in the industry opening up some great opportunities in global companies.

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