Eclipse with Endurica 2024

17 Apr 2024

On April 8th 2024 at 3.12pm at The Hancock Hotel in Findlay, Ohio Rubber Heart witnessed one of the most amazing unforgettable natural spectacles ever, a total solar eclipse! It will not be seen again in Ohio until 2099! Findlay was the prime spot to see the eclipse with clear blue skies and slap bang in the path of totality. It lasted for three minutes and the awe-inspiring event was a once in a lifetime experience!

What also happened on the 8th and 9th April was the first ever Endurica Community Conference, THE event for the rubber durability simulation community with the theme Delivering Durability Across the Rubber Supply Chain. OEMs, rubber part manufacturers and raw materials suppliers engaged at a high level on how durability is evaluated and assured in each domain and across domains. It was a great event and a real achievement for Endurica to bring this community together for the first time in one place.

Rubber Heart was also proud sponsor of the event and it was our pleasure to be invited to give the after dinner talk on ‘Marketing Durability Together in the Rubber Industry’ highlighting our time working with Will Mars and Endurica. The entertaining lunch talk the following day was given by Bruce Meyer, Editor of Rubber News with recollections of some stand out rubber industry characters he’s interviewed during his long career.

For full details on the event and to take a look at the photo gallery click here: Eclipse with Endurica Community Conference | Endurica LLC

It was an honour to be amongst our friends, colleagues and the Endurica community for what was such a memorable event. Well done to the whole Endurica team for such a successful, well organised conference!

Next up for Rubber Heart is the Rubber Division, ACS Spring Technical Meeting 2024 in Columbus, Ohio at the end of April/beginning of May!


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