International Rubber Conference 2019 London

The International Rubber Conference was organised in London in 2019. This large global event was coming to the UK for the first time in 18 years and as the co-chair of the event I wanted to ensure that the conference and the associated exhibition were a success. I recommended that David and Gail should be brought onto the organising committee from the outset of the planning in 2016. The conference was a huge success with more than 600 delegates and a full exhibition hall. Over the three years running up to the event we built up a great working relationship and I can say with some confidence that the success of the event was in no small part due to the huge effort put in by David and Gail to promote the event at all the other international networking events around the globe. David and Gail are the best connected professionals in the UK rubber industry and most of the exhibitors and many of the conference delegates first found out about IRC 2019 through them. It is no doubt to me that their friendly disposition and warm personalities had a significant impact on encouraging a large number of the participants to our event. David and Gail made a huge contribution to the success of IRC 2019, for which I am very grateful.”

Prof James Busfield – QMUL / Organising Committee Co-Chair – IRC 2019, London



AMI - Marketing For Manufacturing

AMI – Marketing for Manufacturing

“Our company have been working with David and Gail of Rubber Heart since 2020 and despite this being a tricky year they have gone from strength to strength, emphasised by their superb growth and ongoing commitment to their clients and partners.

It is clear to see they are well respected within the rubber industry; an industry where they are also well known and trusted. It was these qualities that encouraged us to partner with Rubber Heart. A partnership that has already seen new business come to us as a result of their work.

As well as being meticulously professional and knowledgeable they are also great fun and very easy to work with. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Ronnie Ellaway, Digital Project Manager


Endurica Logo

Endurica LLC

“Rubber can be a highly technical product space, and communicating features and benefits of a given solution to decision makers requires experience, credibility and skill. My company Endurica engaged Rubber Heart because they bring exactly these attributes to the table in spades. Gail and David are widely known in the industry, and they have decades of experience working closely with technical people to maximize their influence with decision makers. When we learned that they would be starting up their own marketing firm, we signed up with them immediately. They’ve done great work for us since. They helped us make the most of our social media channels, nearly doubling our following in the first year, and they have greatly increased the attendance at our webinars. They have also made several important introductions that we expect in time will mature into closed sales. We are very pleased with our partnership with Rubber Heart.”

Will Mars, Founder/President



Rubber Division, ACS

Rubber Division, ACS – European Representatives

I feel that this initiative to expand the Rubber Division, ACS team will help to grow our community and spread awareness of our unrivalled business networking, training and marketing opportunities through our membership and education programs, conferences and expositions. I am delighted to be working with two highly experienced and professional colleagues at Rubber Heart who have many decades of experience, great contacts and extensive knowledge of the rubber industry and its complexities.”

Lakisha Miller-Barclay, Executive Director & CEO


ACE Laboratories

ACE Laboratories

“Rubber Heart has an extraordinary capability for building relationships and growing brands in the elastomer industry. They possess an unrivaled combination of technical knowledge, marketing capabilities, and an extensive industry network. Rubber Heart has helped us grow our business globally in a short amount of time in very challenging times. We look forward to continued success with them.”

Erick Sharp, President & CEO





“Following Synthos’ successful acquisition of Trinseo’s synthetic rubber business in late 2021, David and Gail have supported the Synthos synthetic rubber business to increase the visibility of our evolving business and our global technology and market leadership.

David and Gail are not only a real asset in brainstorming, strategizing, developing meaningful content, and connecting with the industry, but they are also an absolute pleasure to work with and provide invaluable support when it is needed most.

I am very much looking forward to continuing our relationship with Rubber Heart and the exciting opportunities we can tackle together.”

Marjolein Groeneweg, Global Marketing Director


Wallace Instruments

Wallace Instruments

“Although Wallace has a recognised brand identity within the rubber industry, our products and upgrades had lost visibility in recent years due to limited marketing activities and in-house resource. We wanted to engage a marketing company who already had knowledge of our target markets and knew that with David and Gail’s years of experience working in the rubber industry, Rubber Heart would be a good choice.

They developed and implemented a cost-effective marketing strategy that has provided us with worldwide exposure to the right audiences in a very short timeframe significantly increasing website traffic and lead generation that has already had a positive impact on our business growth and we are so pleased to see 2021 start with a packed order book! They have also been able to make valuable individual business introductions through their extensive connections.

All of this during a global pandemic, where many have struggled! We have developed a very strong relationship and have put a solid platform in place to build on.”

Chris Mundy, Sales & Service Manager


FGV Logo

FGV Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd – European/North American Representatives

“The appointment of Rubber Heart is an “excellent” opportunity for FGV to further expand and strengthen the list of our international clients. Rubber Heart’s key persons’ decades of global experience in marketing rubber business would bring confidence and add value to its rubber product offerings.”

Datuk Haris Fadzilah Hassan, FGV Holdings Group CEO

“We have chosen to work with Rubber Heart and its two Directors, Gail Reader and David Cawthra, because of their years of experience working with Malaysian companies and more importantly, an in-depth knowledge of the technical and sustainable merits of our Green Rubbers, ENR and DPNR.”

Syed Mahdhar Syed Hussain, FGV Holdings Plantation Sector Chief Operating Officer



Tenon Engineering

Tenon Engineering

“It has been a productive start to the Tenon Engineering initial digital marketing strategy which is a bold new venture for us. With any new journey you need a guide, a leader and Rubber Heart has helped lead us through the complex world of digital marketing. Without Rubber Heart we would have been in the position of “up the creek without a paddle” scenario! A leader is a combination of Guide, Mentor and Teacher – Rubber Heart exceeds these attributes.

Totally a pair of safe hands with Rubber Heart, they’ll go the extra mile.”

Terry Healy, Chief Engineer & Account Manager





“Since the beginning of 2021, David and Gail from Rubber Heart have been supporting Trinseo with our digital media efforts and in particular our newly launched “Forward Focused” webinar series. Not only have they been able to help us improve our public positioning and visibility due to their extensive industry knowledge, David and Gail have also been instrumental in the successful launch of our webinar series, which features a variety of industry experts speaking on topics of great interest to the synthetic rubber industry.

David and Gail were not only a real asset in developing meaningful content and reaching out to the industry on our behalf, but were also an absolute pleasure to work with and provided invaluable mental support when it was most needed.”

Marjolein Groeneweg, Senior Global Marketing Communications Leader, Synthetic Rubber & Engineered Materials




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