IEC 2020 – A New Virtual Experience

10 Oct 2020

Virtual IEC 2020 opens up access for wider international participation

The US organisation Rubber Division, ACS made the decision in July to offer its flagship event for the global rubber industry – International Elastomer Conference 2020 – as a virtual experience due to the Covid pandemic, opening up access for many individuals who have been unable to attend previous IECs in person.

IEC 2020 will take place from 19th – 23rd October 2020 and attendees will have access to the virtual platform until 20th January 2021. All components of the live event have been incorporated into the online platform, that has been developed by Rubber Division, ACS in collaboration with its software providers offering an interactive new way for participants to engage and communicate.

As well as free registration to the whole event for Rubber Division, ACS Student Members, a new General Attendee registration type is also being offered that provides attendees free access to several key elements of IEC including the Company Showcase, Keynote Address, Student Colloquium, 5K Walk/Run and networking opportunities.

Companies can still sign up to be part of the Company Showcase that has been set up as an alternative to the live exhibition and provides a platform to bring the rubber industry’s customers and suppliers together.

Lakisha Miller-Barclay, Executive Director & CEO at Rubber Division, ACS explains, “converting this major event for our industry in such a short space of time has been challenging but my hardworking team can guarantee the same high-quality content at the Technical Meeting and Educational Symposium that past attendees have learned to expect.”

She adds, “the virtual platform will provide ways to connect and network with other attendees, speakers and Company Showcase participants that include chat and video meeting options. With our new General Attendee registration, we hope to bring IEC 2020 to a much wider international audience providing a glimpse into just what the event can offer with the hope of being able to welcome new participants in person at IEC 2021 that will be held from 4th – 7th October in Pittsburgh, PA.”

Further details and registration can be found at

Rubber Division, ACS –

International Elastomer Conference 2020

Contact +44 (0)7825 232601, Rubber Division, ACS European Representative for more information.

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