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28 Jul 2022

News from ACE Laboratories in July 2022

ACE Laboratories announced two new developments this month (July 2022). Their collaborative agreement with (ASP) to develop and commercialize sustainable materials for use in elastomer and asphalt applications and their expansion into roofing and construction materials testing and development.

ACE CEO Erick Sharp and ASP Founder Robert Meyer, Co-founder and former Chairman and CEO of Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited, finalized the strategic relationship at DKT IRC 2021 in Germany.

ACE is so proud to be helping to grow sustainability in our industry by working with ASP to develop and qualify materials for commercial applications that offer significant environmental benefits for manufacturers globally.

The new strategic relationship between ACE and ASP will see the two companies work together to develop and qualify materials for commercial applications that offer significant environmental benefits for manufacturers and can help them to meet their sustainability goals.

“We have always had a strong passion to grow sustainability in the polymer industry. We are excited to be working with ASP on this mission to accelerate the development of some of the exciting new technologies and materials that will provide sustainable and real circular solutions for the industry” said Erick Sharp, Founder & CEO of ACE Laboratories.

Robert Meyer added “The future of reliable and cost-efficient polymer supply chains lies in a combination of virgin materials from sustainable origins, and recycled materials. The strategic alliance between ACE and ASP allows us to partner up and share best practices: ASP provides ACE with access to tire-derived polymers (“TDP”), manufactured using the Tyromer process, whilst ACE provides ASP with laboratory and technical support. This is a win-win situation that sets us up to deliver top-notch products and unrivalled services to our clients.”

The second announcement is a further expansion into servicing the construction materials industry with new dedicated laboratory services.

Additional accreditations and testing standards accompany the new laboratory creating the ability to offer compound development, quality assurance and testing solutions for a multitude of materials including polymer roofing materials, asphalt, bitumen and crack-sealing solutions.

ACE Labs has already established itself as a global leader in polymer testing and development for a wide range of elastomer-based building materials. These new capabilities add to the foundation of the company’s already broad portfolio of services for the construction industry and mark a major step in leveraging existing services across more industries.

ACE Labs’ 26,000 square-foot ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facility with its flexible, purpose-built space has enabled this latest expansion and the large building footprint still has capacity to accommodate future growth.

“This is just the beginning of our plans to add numerous more testing capabilities along with new equipment that is coming soon, and we are excited to announce at the appropriate time,” said Erick Sharp, President and CEO of ACE Laboratories. “We are constantly evaluating new ways to serve more industries not just in the United States, but globally and this deeper capability set within the construction industry adds to our ever-growing portfolio of services. I’m excited to provide these capabilities and look forward to sharing more exciting developments in the near future!”

This strategic laboratory expansion will support the increasing demand from the construction industry for materials and products that meet necessary performance and safety criteria as well as accounting for the growing requirement for advanced sustainability credentials. All new testing and development services will follow ASTM International and other relevant standards.

Certified testing methods now offered by ACE Labs include:

Building and Roofing Materials
ASTM D5147 | ASTM D6083 | ASTM D6694
ASTM C1549 | ASTM C1371 | ASTM E1980

Asphalt / Bitumen
ASTM D36 | ASTM D5 | ASTM D4402 | ASTM D5329
ASTM D6690 | ASTM D6297 | ASTM D6084

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