Rubber Heart @ ACE Laboratories

27 Apr 2023

Recently, Rubber Heart reached an exciting milestone by visiting our lab partner, ACE Laboratories in Ravenna, Ohio, for the first time. As ACE’s European Representative, getting to see their vast facilities and meet the brilliant team led by CEO Erick Sharp was a very memorable experience!

While touring the labs, we got to see the state-of-the-art technology and advanced testing techniques that ACE is known for but for us, the highlight was meeting face-to-face the skilled and passionate technologists, scientists, engineers and support staff that form ACE’s backbone. The team’s strong bond and enthusiasm for their work shine through and is the major factor to ACE’s success as an industry leader. We even got a sneak preview at some exciting upcoming projects, one of which involves the design of some very sophisticated in-house equipment by ACE’s talented engineers.

A big thank you to ACE for hosting us – the hospitality we received was second to none, a warm welcome topped off with a quintessential USA fried chicken lunch that was delicious! We are so proud to be working with this world-class rubber testing and development laboratory and we’re looking forward to our continued collaboration as their rapid growth continues!

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