Wallace Instruments Compression Stress Relaxometer

6 Oct 2021

Wallace Instruments launches its next generation Compression Stress Relaxometer

Accurate CSR testing for predicting rubber seal performance and longevity

Wallace Instruments, one of the most recognised and trusted brands of testing equipment for the global rubber industry, announces the launch of its next generation Compression Stress Relaxometer – the WAC11 Mk5.

The WAC11 Mk5 allows the operator to easily measure the compression stress relaxation (CSR) characteristics of rubber seals, O-rings and gaskets to international standards to estimate their long-term sealing behaviour and predict service life. For safety-critical applications, it is essential that these components, whilst under compression, operate without failure for their expected lifespan. CSR is a measure of the ability of an elastomer to seal efficiently when held in compression over time and in varying environmental conditions and testing is increasingly being added to durability specifications for elastomeric parts used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.

“We pride ourselves on the accuracy, repeatability and productivity of all our equipment and our engineers, who really understand the science of testing, are continuously innovating to support our thousands of customers in managing the cost of quality and new product development” said Chris Mundy, Sales & Service Manager at Wallace Instruments.

“Our new Compression Stress Relaxometer is a generation leap from the previous Mk4 model and provides an accurate, affordable and easy-to-use option for CSR testing with user friendly windows-based software that offers an almost limitless freedom to design and customise compression tests,” he explained. “We offer a full range of jigs for standard and bespoke applications and the WAC11 Mk5 is backwards compatible so it can be adapted to take customers’ existing jigs and fixtures for testing and we can refurbish and certify old jigs.”

Earlier this year Wallace Instruments joined forces with Ohio-based ACE Products & Consulting (aceprodcon.com), a leading rubber and silicone testing and R&D laboratory who now act as its North American sales, calibration and service partner for the Wallace range of materials testing equipment.

ACE President & CEO Erick Sharp said, “We are delighted to be working with Wallace and have just received of one of its new Compression Stress Relaxometers for customer demonstration purposes and to complement our ever-growing range of test equipment. Wallace is known throughout the world as industry leaders in rubber testing and we are very impressed with the WAC11 Mk5 which ticks all the boxes in terms of cost, flexibility and reproducibility.”

“Demand for CSR testing is only going to grow in the future as correlative data continues to grow,” explained Erick. “The WAC11 Mk5 offers an affordable choice for CSR testing and does not require the use of a separate tensometer. This is important as CSR testing can involve long test cycles that can tie up capacity on a tensometer.”



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